User Agreement

Terms of Use



Browsing and / or using the Site (hereinafter: "the Website ") expresses the user and / or his representative (the "user") consent to these terms, he declares that he called them and understand them fully. If the user does not understand and / or does not agree with one of the conditions, he is asked to stop using the site immediately.

The site provides a singular platform technology only, and only acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of voluntary choice. For the avoidance of doubt, the site will not be, in any case, any party to a particular transaction to occur on the site, it does not bear any responsibility for selling and / or buying and / or using and / or browsing. User and / or user and / or his representative in advance waive any claim against the site, its owners, managers and / or his representative.



User declares that:

He is an adult and legal competence.

Advertising products and / or services, and / or his information is true, accurate, complete, non - deceptive, does not infringe any form, may legally publish and publication does not constitute a civil and / or criminal offense.


The user shall refrain from doing any act or omission which may undermine, disrupt or harm in any way proper operation of the site in any way, directly or indirectly, and damaged in any form any other user - all either directly or indirectly, using a computer, a cellular telephone or All other media.


The use of the website

The site serves only as a platform that mediates between the sellers to buyers. Each user (buyer or seller) who wishes to make use of the site, open an user account using the relevant details  as required on site. Filling all the required details and opening of such account is a precondition for using the site.


The seller will fill his own details, product details and explain all about  the product. The seller will decide what the asking price, whether the product offered is new, old, used or refurbished, which countries it would make shipping (they can choose not to send to certain countries) What is a way of shipping, shipping company, times and costs. In addition, the seller may determine conditions return of the product (if any) and times. The seller can upload pictures of the product subject to these terms.


The buyer shall examine the seller 's proposal in all its forms and decide on his own and exclusive responsibility whether it is suitable for his needs.

Buyer and seller can communicate through messages in the site based on the details that the user registered with.


For the avoidance of doubt, the seller holds the whole responsibility relating to a transaction in any site, including but not limited to, product advertising, images related to the product, price, quality, payment, repayment terms, and conditions of delivery and given relevant transaction. The user  exempt the site from any responsibility.


If the buyer believes that the seller did not meet his promises or conditions regarding the transaction,  and he has already made payment to the seller, he can leave in an orderly complaint  to "PAY-PAL" . Site and / or the owner does not have any responsibility and the user gives up any claim in this regard.


The site Commission

 Site and / or the owner will collect, one way or another, fee of 3% of the total payment to the seller for actual product value and shipping together. For example, product cost $ 15 shipping cost $ 5 - Site will receive payment of 3% of $ 20.


Commission will go to the "PAY-PAL"  site account automatically when the seller gets the transaction from the buyer. The user allows the site to appeal to a PAY-PAL "" every problem and / or complaint and / or non-transfer proceeds as above. Use pre waives any claim in this regard.


The site can change the level of the fee and through its collection at any time without notice - so for transactions that have not yet been moved to the consideration and respect between seller and buyer.


Liability and Indemnification

As detailed above, the site is only a platform, as an intermediary between the various users which in no event will the site bear any responsibility for products presented it, the nature, price and other terms related to the transaction, including shipping and payment.


Information, products, publications, etc. do not constitute a recommendation from the site and / or guidance and / or soliciting of the site in relation to the goods or services advertised it.

Owners and / or managers and / or operators do not carry any responsibility for such ads, products, content and all.


In addition, although the site allows you to make transactions through the site clearing through the "PAY-PAL" Never mind, imposes any responsibility on the site  for payment, good health, inability to make payment or cancellation transaction and the seller and / or buyer and / or user's sole responsibility regarding that.


The site does not undertake to publish and / or upload any information or products including publications, ads, images or any content and can be removed independently and based on its sole discretion and without informing the seller, the buyer or another user.


Site and / or the buyer could own and sole discretion rate and / or grant Reviews about the seller, including tips and / or recommendations about him and / or the products and determine vary parameters about the credibility, quality products, shipping, price and / or any information and / or site ranking believes that there is benefit to the purchaser and / or user executing the transaction through the site.


The user acknowledges that use of the recommendations and / or Reviews are the sole responsibility of the user  and is giving up in advance any claim against the Site and / or its owners and / or managers in this regard.


The user acknowledges that there are a number of items or products that the site does not allow to  sell. In this regard, there is no offer for sale in any way and the items specified item or close to it:

1 )Drugs, 2 )weapons, 3) Food and Drink, 4 )Tobacco, 5 )drugs, 6) Stolen Goods,

7 )human organs, 8) Alcoho,l 9) Animals, 10) documents, passports and credit cards


If the user advertises and / or offering for sale one of these products and / or products related to it, directly or indirectly - the site may delete the prohibited product for sale and freeze User account.

In any case, the discretion in this regard is the site only.


General provisions regarding liability

The user is aware that third parties may misuse the Website, including, but not limited to uploading computer files of any type, "viruses", "worms," ‚Äč‚ÄčTrojan horses, etc.. User hereby accepts that the operators do not bear any responsibility for any such use, including any damages in respect thereof.


Owners and Employees will not be responsible in any case, towards the user and / or any third party hardware and / or software of any of the above, for any damage and / or loss, direct or indirect connection with the Site, whether due to failure in providing communications to malfunction internet provider and / or a PayPal etc.


In addition, no operators and / or owners of the site undertake any liability for the period of time that the site and / or what services it offers, as they are now, or in any other format, to be available to the user. User does so at his own risk.


The user undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the site operators, owners and managers immediately upon their first request, for any damage caused to them regarding use of the Site, including any act or omission on his part - as opposed to all laws and / or violation of these terms.


Intellectual property

The user declares that he is aware that all intellectual property rights, and service including software code, pages, images, icons, text, data, copyright, trademarks, logos, patents, graphic symbols, trade secrets, ideas underlying the Site and / or service are the exclusive property of the Website and / or the owner and any unauthorized use by the user or other third party acting on its behalf, directly or indirectly, are prohibited and must require the approval or an appropriate license in writing from the site.


Customer acknowledges that it may not copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, create derivative works and / or any other action relating to any material and / or derived from it - beyond reasonable action on the site.


User acknowledges that all information, data, content, information, and / or any other material that is entered or uploaded by it to the framework using the Site and / or the Service, are in his sole responsibility and he may do so with regard to intellectual property rights content and / or images and / or general. The site and /or its directors and / or its owner are not responsible for any of the rights mentioned above , and the user has full and exclusive responsibility to ensure that they do not violate any rights.


The user acknowledges that any violation, directly or indirectly, by the user or by a third party on its behalf or on behalf of another, intentionally or negligently, are strictly prohibited and may result in the site, managers, owners, employees, suppliers or associated with third party on their behalf in many different damages. The user agrees to indemnify and hold immediately, with the first request, the Site and / or officers and / or owner and / or his representative for any damage or expense cause such.